Tutor Pricing

Several important variables affect the hourly cost for the Tutors needed.

  • There is no charge for the initial Consultation in which the needs of the student are determined. This gives me a chance to personally visit the home where the tutoring sessions will take place, to understand the conditions under which the Tutor(s) and your student will interface and to see what computer tool your child is able to use for his studies (we may give homework to do on a computer.) I like to meet one or (preferably) both parent(s) and - this is important - with the child. Every child has a different personality and Tutors are not assigned at random, but selectively, to properly address the needs as well as the personality, attitude and capabilities of the child. This meeting is critical for me to understand the needs of the candidate, discuss my conclusions, and answer any questions you may have. Please understand that Tutors will report to me on a weekly basis the results of their Tutoring sessions, so that I may keep track of them, recommend changes and validate your child's progress. We aim for our students, not only, to reach their potential, but to exceed them with a resulting buildup in self-confidence.
  • The first variable is the class level: K-8, High School, College, University Undergraduate, Graduate, PHD. At each of these levels, a different level tutor is likely to be required.
  • The second variable is the subject to be taught, especially after K-8: English, reading, writing, Foreign language, Social Science, Physics, Chemistry, Math, etc. Science and math tutors, except at the lower K-8 levels are usually more expensive.
  • The third factor is the number of sessions being purchased which extends for 24 to 96 or even more.


Tutoring is a delicate personalized service that must be carefully put together. It's not a cookie-cutter business. My aim is to earn your trust, and to provide the highest quality tutoring designed around the needs of the student, taught by a woman or a man that will generate the results you expect and, most of all, that will earn your student's confidence and cooperation. This is the best and only way to get the results so important to your student's success and growing self-confidence. Your student will be in expert hands with Tutor Doctor.

Tutor Doctor has been extremely helpful in finding our daughter a tutor who is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin. Cheryl makes learning the language fun and exciting...
Thank-you so much for meeting with me and my daughter about her need for a math tutor. When I contacted you I was feeling quite desperate and your prompt response gave me quite a sense of relief...
There is no way Torie would have gotten an 86% on her Geometry final and a 90% on her research paper without Stacy's help. We are very grateful for you and her.

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