What differentiates us from our competitors?


Learning Centers often cause stress, peer pressure and embarrassment, but at Tutor Doctor:Algebra Calculus Geometry Trigonometry tutors in San Francisco CA

 - Students progress at their own pace and are free from peer pressure and the embarrassment.

- The intimidation and fear of failure is removed and students suddenly become comfortable, confident and eager to learn.


Unlike many tutoring programs that require parents to bring their child to a tutoring center, Tutor Doctor:

- Provides students with affordable, professional, one-on-one, personalized tutoring services in the comfort and privacy of your home.

- No longer is a parent's time wasted by dropping off, waiting, and picking up their children from a learning center.


Traditional center-based tutoring companies dictate scheduling, but with Tutor Doctor:

- Families are offered flexibility in scheduling.

- Lesson times can be arranged to fit into the hectic family schedule without any difficulty.


Traditional tutoring centers provide very little individualization using a set curriculum in addition to the student's existing homework.

- The one-on-one instruction provided by Tutor Doctor allows time to review student's homework while also rebuilding the missing educational blocks.

- This method of learning has been proven to be the very best way to help children who are behind in their studies, discovering the learning styles and methods that can help them catch up.


Traditional tutoring centers generally have no contact with classroom teachers, while at Tutor Doctor:

- Our tutors are often in regular contact with students' teachers, beginning with a teacher feedback assessment requested for each student.

- The tutors work hand-in-hand with a student's teachers to create a tutoring program that is geared towards each student�s needs.


Tutor Doctor's services cover all grade levels, from kindergarten to university, and also work with adult learners.

- Each in-home tutoring program is custom-designed to meet each student's specific needs and interests while addressing the underlying foundations of the curriculum.

- The program fills in the missing blocks of academic structure, consolidates that with current expectations, and then moves the student ahead to future requirements.


By working collaboratively with students, parents and teachers, Tutor Doctor tutors provide the best supplemental, personalized instruction along with the motivation and confidence needed to help students succeed.


Tutor Doctor has been extremely helpful in finding our daughter a tutor who is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin. Cheryl makes learning the language fun and exciting...
Thank-you so much for meeting with me and my daughter about her need for a math tutor. When I contacted you I was feeling quite desperate and your prompt response gave me quite a sense of relief...
There is no way Torie would have gotten an 86% on her Geometry final and a 90% on her research paper without Stacy's help. We are very grateful for you and her.

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