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Elementary tutors in San Francisco, CA Tutor Doctor offers elementary and middle school reading tutoring, writing tutoring and English language arts tutoring. We help tutor students in all areas of the english language including phonics tutoring, grammar tutoring, writing tutoring, reading comprehension tutoring, handwriting, vocabulary tutoring, spelling tutoring, and more. Our English tutors help each student to use the skills he/she already possesses while building new skills needed to master the English course curriculum.

Because a child's reading proficiency often determines his/her general learning ability, the reading skills learned will benefit other subject areas as well, such as math, history and social studies. Our tutors aspire to create and foster a love for reading and writing in your student which will cross over into every other learning opportunity that arises.

Our tutors can help you achieve your goals when it comes to the English language; reading, writing and more.

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At Tutor Doctor, we know that gaining fundamental math skills early on will help your student throughout his or her life. Our math tutors help overcome the frustration that prevent students from following classroom discussions and learning along with the class. The math skills learned early in a child's schooling serve as the foundation for more complex math in high school and beyond. If even the smallest piece of knowledge is missed, the results down the road can be very frustrating. Private one-on-one tutoring in math will help students better understand the course work, increase self-esteem and improve grades.

You can trust Tutor Doctor's tutors to help make math easier, understand the subject, get your student back on track and ultimately ahead of the class. Our private one-on-one tutoring works with the student's school curriculum and homework. Tutoring in math helps solidify the foundation of basic math facts by reinforcing what was taught in the classroom.

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Science can be one of the most intimidating and difficult subjects to tackle. Private tutoring in science will help your student develop well rounded  study skills for chemistry, biology, physics, and advanced placement (AP) science courses. Tutoring in science will help your student feel better about their level of knowledge, increase self-esteem and improve grades. Whether your need is with basic science or the more advanced courses, Tutor Doctor's science tutors are available to help, now!

Whether your student's need is with basic science, biology, chemistry or the more advanced courses, Tutor Doctor can help.



Students challenged with learning disabilities are some of our hardest working students. If your child has a learning disability, give him a boost by supplementing his efforts with specific assistance, tutoring in math, tutoring in english, tutoring in writing, or tutoring in any other subject. Being a more successful student will increase your child's self esteem and make a positive influence on any developmental gaps that they are encountering while learning. Contact Tutor Doctor to discuss your child's needs for tutoring and how you can address them.

Tutor Doctor has been extremely helpful in finding our daughter a tutor who is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin. Cheryl makes learning the language fun and exciting...
Thank-you so much for meeting with me and my daughter about her need for a math tutor. When I contacted you I was feeling quite desperate and your prompt response gave me quite a sense of relief...
There is no way Torie would have gotten an 86% on her Geometry final and a 90% on her research paper without Stacy's help. We are very grateful for you and her.

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